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2011 September Gaziantep Middle East Carpet Fair
Industry News / 2011 September Gaziantep Middle East Carpet Fair
This year, the third meeting took place in the Gaziantep Fair and Decoration Fair as a participant.

Veysel BOZKURT, who we have seen from the company officials, who presented his works in different products, colors and designs to the visitors, informed them about their institutions and works.

Founded in 1978 in Kayseri, the shuttle A.S. As a marketing company, we have met the needs of our customers with an effective marketing and service network in Anatolia, East and Southeast Anatolia for a long time, and have become a sought after company in terms of sales, quality and after sales services.

Our company started production of wall-to-wall products at the beginning of the 1990s with German liroflar type weaving looms, we have introduced to the sector with its contribution and experience in marketing as well as the production and contribution of our end dealers. With the withdrawal of Yünsa from the sector, Tafting machines have been incorporated in this company and with this new machine which is imported from Europe and America, it has become an integrated facility which can address the sector by modernizing the machine park.

Our goal as a company; Firstly, by improving the types of hand-fit types that are needed in the sector every day, minimizing the change in hand until reaching the final quality and consumers, we are able to offer more economical goods to the consumers, to extend the consumption of wall to wall throughout the country. In 2000s, as a company that can export a large part of its production is to enter the company.Ayrica Kayseri Free region is our sister company, FREE CARPET is operating.

With its traditional structure, Gaziantep Fair and Decoration Fair offers very important contributions to the sector and we offer the opportunity to meet the new products of the participating companies with the visitors.

The next year will be held in the scope of the exhibition again to meet with the people of the region is impatient. Thanks to the interest shown and thanks to everyone said thank you.
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